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PMC Isochem offers halogenation technology for custom manufacturing and catalogue products. ​
Iodination, bromination and chorination are routinely run at large scale using various techniques and reagents.​

Your benefits from PMC Isochem’s offer

Technology Expertise ​

  • Iodination including in situ generation of iodine or use of N-Iodosuccinimide​
  • Electrophilic bromination using bromine or other reagents 
  • Free radical bromination​
  • Chlorination including in situ generation or use of chorination reagents (N-Chlorosuccinimide)​
  • Other approaches for halogen introduction on aromatic derivative : Diazotization / Sandmeyer​
  • Downstream chemistry (organometallic, C-C  and C-N coupling reaction, ...)​

Custom manufacturing ​

  • Reaction capacities from 100 L up to 10.000 L​
  • Integration of halogenation technology in multistep cGMP synthesis​

First class R&D 

In addition to their own know-how, PMC Isochem  offers high level capacity to develop scalable and competitive processes delivering high quality products.​

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