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ISODEL™ Amino acid based polymer diversity for innovative therapies 

Access to new polypeptide excipients and polymer conjugates

GMP Polymers and copolymers based on various polyamino acids such as: Poly-L-Lysine, Poly-L-Glutamic acid, Polysarcosine... .
From R&D to GMP large scale manufacturing 

Why a polyaminoacid based delivery technology?

  • Growing interest for advanced biomedecines
  • Biocompatibility and biodegradability
  • Chemical & Architectural Versatility of Polyamino acids & polypeptides
  • Many therapeutic areas: Immunotherapy, Oncology, Gene Therapy, Inflammatory, Neurodegenerative, Infectious, Diagnosis, Skin care…

Which delivery technology?

A biomaterial toolbox for various Nanotechnologies and Drug Conjugates

Delivery technology

What polymeric structure?

Block drug delivery

What is the value of our services?

PMC Isochem: a CDMO for GMP polyamino acids integrated in strategic monomers (NCAs)

  • Standard and customized polyamino acids and functionalization
  • Development and characterization
  • Scale-up and supply of preclinical and clinical batches
  • Commercial supply

Expertise and capability

  • Highly talented & multidisciplinary R&D team with academic connection
  • Full equipped infrastructures and network to access cutting-edge technologies
  • Custom made PAA design for your application supported by integrated NCA supply and development for GMP Polymers and copolymers based on various polyamino acids such as: Poly-L-Lysine, Poly-L-Glutamic acid, Polysarcosine... 


  • Lean approach to provide a faster, cheaper and better solution
  • Allow you to save time, cost and risk
  • IP portfolio and proprietary PAA systems to grow your business
  • Flexible and creative business development team