Research & Development

PMC Isochem's R&D offers chemical, process and analytical Research and Development, up-scaling and production improvement for NCESn excipients anbd polymer for drug delivery. Thanks to a broad technology platform and lifecycle management experience, PMC Isochem's R&D team takes your product to the next level.​

  • Intermediates,
  • APIs,
  • Excipients
  • Polymers for drug delivery: polyamino acid


  • Phosgenation
  • Biocatalysis (enzymes)
  • Hydrogenation
  • Organometallic
  • Peptides (solution)
  • Chiral chemistry
  • Hazadous reactions
  • Aminoacid N-Carboxyanhydride NCA, monomers for poly-amino acids 
  • Ring opening polymerisation of NCAs ROP for Poly-L-Lysine, Poly-L-Glutamic, Poly-L-Aspartic, Poly-Sarcosine, Poly-L-Ornithine, Poly-L-Leucine, Poly-D-Leucine and copolymers 


  • Chemical & Process development - scale-up - improvement​
  • Management of Hazardous chemistry - process safety​
  • Product quality - cost​
  • Raw Material selection (supply chain) and impurities carry-over​
  • Analytical development, validation, GTIs​
  • ICH Q11 – QBD ​
  • Ability to apply new chemistry and solutions​
  • Project Management​ in full transparency





Considering innovation as an opportunity, PMC Isochem‘s teams are day to day seeking for new valuable solution from any field of our activity.