Cryogenic chemistry

PMC Isochem’s offer covers cGMP cryogenic reactions. This industrial capability combined with know-how in organometallic chemistry and asymmetric reactions is a valuable tool into the multistep synthesis industrial platform.


Your benefits from PMC Isochem’s offer ​​

Technology expertise ​

  • Organometallic chemistry, deprotonation, halogen exchange, rearrangement ​

  • Asymmetric reactions​

Custom manufacturing ​

  • cGMP custom manufacturing  reaction at -70°C at 3000 L scale (two vessels)​

  • Chemistry and handling of Lithium organometallic reagents (Alkyl lithium, lithium amides …)​

  • Access to boronic acid intermediates and downstream coupling reactions​

  • Access chiral intermediates from asymmetric reactions​ ​

First class R&D ​

Our R&D teams are used to work on advanced cryogenic reactions for both rapid evaluation and process development for scale-up of cryogenic reactions. ​

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