PMC Isochem is a key international player in cGMP Phosgenation resulting from the unique synergy between 50 years of SNPE’s know-how and 40 years in cGMP production for pharmaceutical market. PMC Isochem offers both custom manufacturing in phosgenation and downstreaming chemistry and a catalogue of phosgene derivatives.


Your benefits from PMC Isochem’s offer

Technology expertise 


Catalogue of products: ​

  • High Purity grade intermediates (cGMP)​

  • Unique activated aminoacid building blocks offer (NCAs)​​


cGMP Custom manufacturing: ​

  • First class R&D for your project

  • A well balanced production tool with 100L, 250L, 400L, 1100L, 2500L and 6000L reaction vessels, up to 4m2 Hastelloy C filter dryers and up to 1800L batch and 0.3m2 wiped film corrosion resistant distillation unit.​​


First class expertise: 

  • ​Chemistry and analysis, raw material selection and process performance
  • Expertise on both Phosgene reactions and phosgene derivatives

    downstream chemistry.


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Reference:​ Chimica oggi / Chemistry Today Vol 29 N°4 July/August 2011